Working for Alpinist SA

Working in inland shipping is attractive: you live and work on water, with a lot of freedom. It is one of the few professions where you always see new horizons. Europe has more than 50,000 km of inland waterways: a ship gets you everywhere. But sailing a ship requires a professional crew.

If you want to work on one of our ships, you have to have ambition, be able to stand your ground and work together in a team. You also have to be tough, because our ships often sail day and night, even in bad weather. In addition to sailing, you'll do service work: painting, engine maintenance, ship cleaning, minor repairs, et cetera. Our modern ships are full of high-tech equipment, so a good set of brains is indispensable. Working at Alpinist SA means a unique mix of technology, logistics and freedom.


Current job offers at Alpinist SA